Piccolino is committed to providing impeccable service with           specific attention to detail. Piccolino offers a wide range          of services, rooms and pricing for your next party, event             or meeting.

      Let our staff work with you to make sure your event will be a         pleasure for all.

      Call 02-6244186, or email today to find          out more about our event planning services.

      We look forward to working with you!

      Piccolino invites you to a peaceful and relaxing meal in our         historic building. Choose from a rich variety of freshly made         dishes from our Italian Cuisine. You can also enjoy sitting           outside in the Music Square and delight in a variety of              cultural events. Piccolino offers you a magical Jerusalem            experience and special atmosphere. At Piccolino you will             enjoy the colors and tastes from our rich and varied bar             which includes a selection of fine wines, cocktails and more. 

Piccolino offers a number of private rooms and outdoor seating where you can enjoy and celebrate your special events. (Heated in the winter)


שעות פעילות Open Hours

ראשון עד חמישי 10:00-22:00 המטבח פתוח עד שעה 22:00 Sunday to Thursday 10:00-22:00, The kitchen is open until 22:00

שישי וערבי חג 9:00-15:00, המטבח פתוח עד שעה 14:00              Friday and before Jewish holidays from 9:00-15:00, The kitchen is open until 14:00

שבת מצאת השבת עד חצות, המטבח פתוח עד שעה 23:00 Saturday from an hour after Shabbat ends until Midnight, The kitchen is open until 23:00

רחוב יואל משה סולומון 12 ירושלים
Yoel Moshe Solomon Street No.12 Jerusalem